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Why my priorities in business & life are basic AF ✌️

Why I'm scrapping overly complicated goals and refocusing my time & energy on the basics.
Why my priorities in business & life are basic AF ✌️

It all started with a twitter thread.

I stumbled across a twitter thread from Sam Parr recently asking "List 1 podcast episode (any podcast) that changed your life."

A number of people chimed in with recommendations from shows like Joe Rogan to Tim Ferris, but one guest kept showing up in almost every answer: Β Naval Ravikant.

I don't know what rock I'd been living under, but I'd never heard of Naval until now. Not only is he the founder of Angel List, but he'd also invested in early-stage startups like Uber, Twitter, Clubhouse, Stack Overflow and many more. Today he's often referred to as an Angel Philosopher. Β 

After binging every podcast episode he’s ever been featured in, I can see why. His philosophies on life, happiness, fulfillment, wealth and business are phenomenal.

I resonated with his philosophies so much that I've gone back to the drawing board on how I view my own business - and the role it plays in my life.

Go blow your mind at: https://nav.al/

Ruthless Prioritization

One of the key points Naval preaches is his idea of ruthless prioritization. You can’t do everything. You can’t be everything to everyone. There’s simply not enough time. You have to figure out what matters to you and stick with it in order to see any level of success in those areas.

β€œIf you’ve got a fuzzy basket of 10 or 15 different priorities, you’re going to end up getting none of them.”

Back to Basics

Another concept that stuck out to me was his idea of becoming extremely proficient at the basics. If you master the core fundamentals in any given subject, you'll likely be more successful than if you go off the deep-end in one niche area.

β€œI think learning should be about learning the basics in all the fields and learning them really well over and over. Life is mostly about applying the basics and only doing the advanced work in the things you truly love, and where you understand the basics inside out.”

Business isn’t some fancy thing that you show up to, it’s just an extension of who you are as a person. These two concepts got me thinking about my own priorities.

Here’s how I’m trimming down my priorities in life and business and going back to basics.

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