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What's wrong with a 9-5? πŸ€”

With all this talk about gig, passion and creator economies, does it still make sense to pursue a traditional 9-5?
What's wrong with a 9-5? πŸ€”

A new path is emerging

The data is clear - self-employment rates are rising across the globe. In British Columbia, self-employed individuals now make up 18% of the work-force (up from 13% in the years prior). Thanks to the gig-economy, it's estimated that 30% of Americans are now self-employed.

β€˜I’d rather bet on myself’: Workers are quitting their jobs to put themselves first
As the U.S. job market recovers from the pandemic, some workers are feeling more empowered to prioritize their own well-being above their employer.

But this whole self-employment thing is new for a lot of people, including myself. There's a lot of hype around the #entrepreneur lifestyle which can create a misunderstanding (and skepticism) of what self-employment actually means.

With all this hype about gig, passion and creator economies, does it still make sense to pursue a traditional 9-5 career? Or should you bet it all on that crazy app idea you had in college and finally bring it to market?

Employment vs. Self-Employment

I wanted to provide an honest comparison between the two major paths available to most people right now: employment vs. self-employment. I'm going to drill down into a few key areas including:

  • πŸͺ¨ Stability
  • πŸ’° Money
  • 🌎 Freedom
  • πŸ’œ Fulfillment

Throughout this article I'm going to be making some generalizations; there are exceptions for every rule. For every successful entrepreneur, there's 5 who aren't. Just like for every fulfilled employee, there's another 5 who aren't. And since whole self-employment thing is a relatively new area for a lot of people, I also wanted to remain as subjective as possible. Hopefully this achieves that goal.

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